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The strength of a group, the reactivity of a SME

Combining the strength of a group and the reactivity of a SME, the Thétis Group offers a global solution within the engineering and design field.


The Thétis Group is built of several specialized subsidiaries and gather around fifty employees (or contributors). Locally implanted, each subsidiary is autonomous and brings its expertise to the group. Sharing common values, each subsidiary director (or manager) can benefit from an important freedom of action allowing them to always get closer to their customers.


With nearly 90% of clients’ satisfaction, the whole Thétis Group finds itself around seven values:
  • Enjoy one self and have fun
  • Surprise with the quality of service
  • Be adventurous, flexible and creative
  • Be passionate, combative and determined
  • Fail with success
  • Be free
  • Be humble


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